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Power Words that Sell

by: Neil Potter on

Before you've even had time for a coffee break you've probably already been bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages. Television, radio, signs, billboards, vans, taxis and newspapers  they'™re all screaming for your attention.

How many can you remember now? Unless your first name is Uri, we'€™d be surprised if it'€™d be far into double figures.

If you're looking to win new customers, you've got to be smarter to grab their attention. We can help. We've come up with some unusual ideas for intriguing potential customers.

Use These Words to Add Sales Punch:
Absolutely Announcing Amazing Approved Authentic Bargain Better Big Breakthrough
Complete Delivered Direct Discount Easily Excellent Endorsed Exciting Exclusive Expert
Famous Free Get Gift Greatest Guaranteed How Huge Immediately Improved Introducing Instant Impact Largest Latest Lifetime Limited Love Lowest Magic Miracle New Now Powerful Practical
Professional Profitable Quality Quickly Reduced Revolutionary Secrets Special Superior Successful Strange Today Unique Wealth Win You

You have 3 seconds to engage your audience - Use them wisely

by: Neil Potter on

It’s all about first impressions.

In three seconds, your potential customer will decide whether to commit to reading what you have to say or to spend their time doing something else entirely.

Increase your chances of engaging with your audience by using bold metallic foil decorations or eye catching glossy highlights. Catch their eye, draw them in, who knows what it might lead to…

That’s the Power of Print.

Work your Business cards harder

by: Neil Potter on

Don’t just plonk on a logo and contact details.
Think of your cards as a “micro brochure” and follow these tips…

1. Use the reverse -€“ it’s crying out for attention.

2. Pop a map and directions on the back.

3. Ask a direct question that only you can answer.

4. Add a QR code that link to your website.

5. Splash up a striking image of your products.

7. Leave them in restaurants.

8. Stick them up on noticeboards in stores.

9. Stick them inside magazines at the dentist.

10. Give two at a time -€“ one for them, and one for a friend.

Business Cards

Write better copy with A.I.D.A.

by: Neil Potter on

Run all your sales literature through this simple formula and you’d better be prepared for the increase in response. This is a great tool for writing powerful sales letters and killer copy and will give you a general understanding of how to target a market effectively.


Attract your reader’s attention with an exciting headine. Make them intrigued, just by reading it.
Either reveal or conceal a common interest. For example:

How to make yourself irresistible to ladies
Want to retire at 50?
Don’t make these common house-buying mistakes


Evoke interest from your potential customer by telling them multiple, life-enhancing benefits. Steer away from just listing features€“ people buy benefits, not features. Use simple, short sentences and talk to them as if they’re sitting next to you.


Make them want it. Make it irresistable. Give them guarantees of their money back. Or extra special bonuses or discounts. Don’t forget to state the urgency €“ make your offer timebound. You could try “Order within 7 days and get this free pen set. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund you in full.”


Tell ‘em what to do! You’s be amazed how much sales literature misses this vital step. Don;t assume they’ll know what to do. Get them to “Call now for a no-obligation quote” or “Call us to place your order”. You don’t need to close the sale there and then, just lead them through your sales process.

So there it is. Stick it on you wall, write it on a Post-it note, have it tattooed on your knuckles – whatever you do, just don’t forget A.I.D.A. It’ll make you a better writer.