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Case Study - T Cutz

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We have published our latest website and app - T Cutz Hair...

Welcome to T Cutz Hair. Located in Ocean Village, Southampton. Our company started off as a barbers, only styling men's hair but we have gradually introduced ladies hair. We cover many hair styling which include cutting, colouring, hair extensions, patterns and many more!

Our UniSex barbering company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance and our entire team is committed to meeting these needs.

Here's are the links to download the App - iTunes & Google Play 

And you can check out their website here - T Cutz Website

Website & App Features:
T Cutz Hair Shop Information
One Touch Calling
GPS Directions
Services & Gallery
Special Offer Coupons
and Much More!

Here are some screen shots of their website and app: 



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