Bring your email marketing to life - Love your customers!

When launching a new website or product for your business, wouldn’t it be a nice touch to run a digital campaign to 10,000+ companies in any sector you want, to help launch the site / product. You could even include a special offer or free gift. Your customers will love you forever!

Email marketing has been around for a while now, most people with an email address will have been sent a glossy HTML email from a company or organisation that you have been in contact with. In actual fact, it’s regarded as an essential form of communication for most modern companies and organisations.

The infinity design email marketing system allows us to quickly and simple create and send visually appealing HTML emails on your behalf. Targeting customers and potential customers couldn’t be easier with rich data management features and reporting functionality.

It’s a cost effective way for any business to get results, working to reduce your CPA and increase the visibility of your brand. Whilst regularly engaging with potential / existing customers and growing your database, its simple to monitor your feedback and profile your customers.

infinity design's leading email system, professional advice and direction can help you successfully grow your data, monitor your feedback and profile your customers. Giving your campaign a new life and delivering the results you need.

At infinity design we can deliver for you:

  • Email creative - plan, design, build and test
  • Send to 10,000+ new companies
  • Full reporting

All for only £195.00 + Vat*

*Price per batch of 10,000 emails/companies


To discuss further please call us on 0844 858 4078